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Fista North Lebanon

Thirty years ago, we laid the foundation of change of the life of children with special needs.

It all started in 1989, when a group of ambitious, passion-driven and determined people met. Their motivation at the time was stronger than their abilities.
Their inspiration stemmed from their own experiences. Some belonged to a family with disabled children and had thereby strove through these challenges
and yearned for support.

Their only armor was the hope and strong determination that they had mustered through their personal experiences and motivation to elicit changes in
children’s lives. This is how FiSTA was born; through the laborious efforts of volunteers, a humble, reed-based construction was derived. This construction
was composed of two classrooms, each equipped to receive nine children with intellectual disabilities from different areas in Tripoli and its suburbs.

It was not easy for children’s parents to bring their children every day to this humble, yet specialized school. Despite the fact that it was the first school of its
kind in the area that was specifically tailored to the needs of children with special needs, the families’ stringent financial situation rendered it difficult to
access the services that they needed. In addition, the long distance that some of these parents had to travel to reach the school was a challenge. To combat
this challenge, the volunteers decided to use one of their own cars as means of transportation to take the children to this humble school, which nonetheless
was managed by professionals and experts.

Accordingly, the school that was constructed from reed began to evolve and grow year after year. Through the support and benevolence of individual donors,
we were able to find a bigger space to accommodate the ever-growing need to expand. FiSTA was not growing alone; the team began to grow into experts,
and those who were once children at FiSTA had grown into young men and women who are actively engaged in society.

The need to expand was indisputable. During the last thirty years, we targeted more than 7,000 students. Today, we serve approximately 450 children every
year in our three premises located in the north of Lebanon, through which specialized educational systems and individual services are provided.

To all students at Fista, our young men and women: you were, since the very beginning, the stories of our success and the legends of our history.
We are immensely proud of this history crafted by you and your families who are our ultimate partners.
We vow to stand " one voice "and “one hand " to make the dream of a new School you deserve come true

FiSTA President (Sana Hamzeh)
FiSTA CEO (Suzanne Jabbour)

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