Disabled and Displaced Supporting Syrian Children with special needs . Project funded by Unicef

September 23, 2020

Disabled and Displaced”

Supporting Syrian Children with special needs in Akkar Region through the provision of specialized educational and mental health services to children with intellectual disabilities.

Under this project supported by Unicef , FISTA provides specialized educational and mental health services to Syrian children with intellectual disability in Akkar and Tripoli  region since 2017 till present.

Under this project Fista association was able to :

  1. Improve learning skills of 60 Syrian refugee children with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities aged between 3 to 14 years old through specialized Educational Services.
  2. Improve the mental health of 60 Syrian children with intellectual disability:
    In reference to the senior special educator’s initial assessment, which will prioritize the areas of intervention, Syrian students in crucial need are referred to the Specialist (psychomotor therapist / speech therapist / psychologist ) at FiSTA and will follow individual sessions aiming at developing their motor, language and emotional as well as social skills.
  3. Provide the beneficiaries parents with guidance and knowledge on intellectual disabilities and empower them to enhance their parenting skills
    Through Center and home-based psycho-education and group awareness sessions.
  4. promoting positive attitudes and social and behavioral change for inclusion of children with disabilities:

Fista implemented during the year  inclusive social activities that aimed at advocating for the rights of PWDs and changing the attitude of the children and youth from different schools from the region toward the Children showing ID by  developing more social abilities of children with intellectual disability, promoting their participation in the community,  enhancing community engagement and advocacy through the implementation of several activities such as :

- Integrating children with intellectual disability into:

  • extracurricular regular school classes (arts/sports/ theater …)
  • clubs ( Arabi Scout /sports club: MMA / karate/ gym classes)
  • virtual animation and cooking  inclusive classes
    - Organizing recreational activities to be carried out in close collaboration with the municipality and other sectors
    - Organizing campaigns with the aim of advocating for the rights of PWDs.



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