FISTA implements her programs in close coordination with governmental and non-governmental bodies and UN agencies. In particular, FISTA is an active member of the UNICEF Education Working Group.

FISTA is collaborating with all concerned stakeholders, UN agencies, NGOs, municipalities, PHCs, SDCs and volunteers to ensure a multisectoral referral system.

FISTA is also partnering with several internal and external association to build the capacity of the team and help develop internal strategies.

FISTA is implementing the majority of her programs in partnership with Restart Center for rehabilitation of victims of violence and torture, specifically for the provision of specialized mental health services for children with disabilities and/or their parents. In particular, around 150 children with disabilities and/or their parents who are assessed to display mental disorders and other comorbidities are referred yearly to benefit from subsidized pediatric, psychiatric and/or neurological services, medical treatments and laboratory tests at Restart Center. The medical consultations will be conducted at Restart Center’s clinics and Restart Medical Center (Dispensary) in Tripoli, North Lebanon.


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