Mental Health program

Fista North Lebanon

The Mental Health program includes psychotherapy/ speech therapy / psychomotor therapy and special education services.

Psychomotor therapy is defined as a method of treatment based on a holistic view of the human being that is derived from the unity of body and mind.

Fista Psychomotor therapists provide the following services:

  1. Assessment: observation and/or evaluation to be able to achieve concrete objectives methodically.
  2. Reeducation: body awareness and a wide range of movement activities to optimize movement behavior as well as cognitive, affective and relational aspects of psychomotor functioning. The approach of this therapy integrates the physical, cognitive and emotional aspects of the patients.
  3. Parental guidance: the framework of this therapy consists on a team work with the parents. The sessions with the parents are often scheduled in group or in individual sessions.
  4. Team meeting - Training and case studies: to ensure a better evolution of the patients capacities the psychomotor therapist share his /her inputs with the team members.
  5. Group sessions:  Through these sessions the psychomotor therapist stimulates not only the individual plan of each patient but also, he strives to broaden general competences and to stimulate a positive self-image and personal well-being in balanced social relationships.
  6. Capacity building: the psychomotor therapist enhances the knowledge of the internal team with continuous trainings on different topics related to the child and their wellbeing. He / she is an essential trainer and Coach in the capacity building training designed for the schools and other partners working on the inclusion and protection of CWD and all the children.


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