Fista and UNICEF Partnership in a few Words

November 21, 2023

Through their collaborative efforts over the past seven years, FISTA and UNICEF have made remarkable strides in empowering childhood futures. Approximately 200 children each year benefit from their combined services – receiving comprehensive care tailored to their unique circumstances.

The specialized programs offered by FISTA address critical needs such as education, vocational training, mental health support, and social empowerment. By focusing on these areas, they ensure holistic development for every child under their care – equipping them with crucial skills needed to navigate life successfully.

Furthermore, through collaboration with UNICEF, these efforts reach even greater heights. UNICEF's extensive global presence allows for increased visibility of FISTA's work while facilitating partnerships with other stakeholders invested in improving child welfare.

The ultimate goal is not just immediate relief but rather sustainable impact. By empowering childhood futures today through personalized interventions and mental health support mechanisms provided by FISTA alongside broader systemic changes advocated by UNICEF - we lay the foundation for generations to come where all children can thrive regardless of background or circumstance.


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