Edutainement Events

June 15, 2023

Mural Akkar

In a school located in the camp in Akkar, an inclusive edutainment activity unfolded through the creation of a remarkable mural. Led by a talented local artist, the mural depicted a majestic tree that symbolizes unity, growth, and inclusivity. What made this initiative truly special was the active involvement of children, including those with disabilities. The artist, along with the support of educators and caregivers, facilitated an engaging session where children painted their handprints on the mural, representing leaves on the tree. Each handprint was unique, reflecting the diversity and beauty of the children's abilities.

The event, attended by a total of 53 individuals, including volunteers, caregivers, and the shawish, was a celebratory occasion organized in collaboration with FISTA to acknowledge and honor the committee's diligent efforts and hard work.

Music to our Ears

On June 15, 2023, an edutainment tool called "Music to our ears" was held at Abrar school in Tripoli, thanks to the collaboration with the responsible individuals who are members of the committee. The celebration event was attended by 47 individuals to commemorate the hard work of the committee and in response to the request made by caregivers who are also part of the committee. The selection of this specific tool was based on the caregivers' preference and their desire to incorporate music into the event.

During this phase, over 20 children from both Tripoli and Akkar were referred to benefit from FISTA services. Many of them have already commenced receiving services such as mental health support and special education. Same as in tripoli.



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