Community Engagement Workshop

November 16, 2022

On Wednesday November 16, 2022 from 10 AM to 1 PM, the community engagement workshop took place at “Dar Al Tabbaneh School” in collaboration with Ikhlass Center in Tabbaneh, and due to administrative and logistical obstacles beyond our control, we were unable to hold the workshop at the municipality.

There were 22 participants from Jabal Mohsen, Tabbaneh and Qobbe, included parents of children with disabilities, PHC’s, representatives and teachers from inclusive and non inclusive schools and various NGOs such as Save the children, Restart, Friends in need and AICA, that were all actively involved in the workshop.

First, starting with an ice breaking activity where each one of the participants introduced their name and profession, in the meanwhile the trainer introduced the CE and inclusion project. Second, elaborating the 5 CE steps where 3 activities were applied which are brainstorming, drawing 2 maps for the targeted areas, group discussion.

Finally, the committee came to the conclusion that the inclusion process should begin with improving the relationship between the parents and their children, which is where we came up with two activities:

  • First activity: Preparing three edutainment tools for ten children with disabilities and five children without disabilities, as well as their parents. In this approach, we will work on the relationship between the children and their parents, as well as between the children themselves.

  • Second activity: preparing an awareness session for 30 teachers and parents about the early dictation of disabilities in collaboration with IMC and introducing the services that FiSTA provides based on the participants request. Noting that we're still discussing this activity with the committee and trying to recruit additional community volunteers in order to ensure the process's sustainability.

For the next step, we're working on implementing the first initiative in Tripoli before the end of this month. In the meantime, we're preparing for the next workshop in Akkar which might take place by the second week of December.


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