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Bank Account Numbers:
430 420 922 900 02 (LBP)
430 420 922 900 01 (USD)

You can change the world and make it a better place.

In this past year alone, with help from people like you, FISTA North Lebanon reached 300 beneficiaries whom benefited directly and 1400 whom benefited indirectly from our services, which consist of medication, education, counseling, training, awareness activities, and group-therapy sessions.

“We believe in the potential of every child, and we know that each child is unique. We work together with families to recognize each child’s strengths and develop their abilities“.

Education is the best possible investment against exclusion, inequalities and poverty. Take a stand and support persons with special needs by making a simple donation to the following bank account numbers: 430 420 922 900 02 (LBP) or 430 420 922 900 01 (USD). Your donation will help our school to educate foreign students with intellectual disability and learning difficulties and students who are not covered by the Ministry of Social Affairs, provide individual and group intervention, as well as provide educational and recreational materials.


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